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Risk Management Planning

Cover your insurance needs

We provide you with an overall assessment of your current coverage in view of your financial goals and obligations.  We compare among various trustworthy insurance providers and select only the best package for you, in terms of protection, benefits and premium.

You can be sure of today but not about the unpredictable tomorrow.  Hence, you want to ensure that your family's tomorrow is secure, comfortable and relaxed. You want the best for your near and dear ones now and always.  Insurance is a proactive way to protect your future!

Allow us to take you through the overall insurance protection for you in two main categories:-


Life insurance

Term life/Permanent insurance
Life Insurance products provide protection for life – either whole life or specific terms.  Some life insurance plan also contain savings element for you to achieve your savings goals as well.  There are both term life and permanent life insurance. Please discuss with your consultant in order to select the right plan for you, depending on your own needs regarding your budget, the coverage amount, and the length of time of the coverage.

Health Medical Plan
Health is our most valuable asset.  No one is immune to illness and accidents might unfortunately come across in life.  To prepare and protect you from the unexpected financial burdens of the expensive medical and hospitalisation costs, choosing a medical plan that suits your needs has become your immediate concern.

Crisis Protection Plan
Crisis Protection Plan covers as many as 40 major critical illnesses. If you are unfortunately diagnosed of suffering from any one of the critical illnesses, immediate cash will be provided to you, relieving  your financial burden in getting medical treatments.


General insurance

Accident Insurance
More likely than not the accidents come in the most unexpected manner and incur great financial burdens and inconveniences.  Our Accident Insurance Scheme provides a comprehensive protection for you and your family which includes accidental death, permanent total, partial disablement and any subsequent treatments etc.

Motor Insurance
Accidents do happen! To help you cope with the unexpected “bad luck” of suffering money loss of car repairing and possible compensation to any third parties involved, we offer you a comprehensive motor insurance with wider coverage and the most ready assistance.

Travel Insurance
We provide comprehensive protection to you covering your medical expenses, loss of money, loss of baggage and your personal liability when you are out of town, whether it is a travel for pleasure or a business trip.  We also provide up to HK$1,000,000 personal accident protection on top of the package. In case your trip is delayed due to unavoidable causes like strike and industrial action or you need to cut back the trip due to reasons beyond your control, we will compensate you the cost that incurred.

Domestic Helper Insurance
The vast majority of families in Hong Kong employ domestic helpers and accidents do happen.  Therefore we also cover this protection for you.

Home Content Insurance
It covers your home properties against loss or damage and provides coverage for your personal belongings, if they are lost or stolen anywhere in the world.   The coverage also includes any personal liability you or any of your family members may incur.

Many tenants think that only landlords need to purchase home content insurance. Actually, tenants can apply for home content insurance to protect their personal contents and furnitures provided by the landlords, if it is written specifically on the tenancy agreement that a tenant is legally held liable to the loss of those properties by his own negligence.

Golfers Insurance
Whenever and wherever you enjoy your golf game, we could offer the best protection to you against those unexpectedly occurred accidents, which may cause you not only financial loss and injury, but also you may be liable to compensate any third parties involved. Our Golfers Insurance is a comprehensive insurance plan which protects you against all these troubles.

Small and Medium Size Office Insurance
Our comprehensive insurance programme that has been tailor-made to the needs of the medium to small sized business in Hong Kong. We offer full-range of "All risks" Protections to you so that you can always 100% focus on your business worry-free.

Employee Compensation
We provide overall employee benefits programmes to meet your budget and preference, ranging from  Group Life Insurance Scheme, Group Medical Classic Scheme, Group Medical Platinum Scheme, Group Insurance Tailor-made Scheme, Employee Compensation Insurance and MPF Scheme.

A specific and tailor made insurance plans can help you to avoid financial losses, and transfer the risk at a minimal cost.  Depending on your own needs, we could provide you with varieties of plan which suit you the best apart from those above-mentioned insurance products.