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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Using a comprehensive financial planning model and combined with our professional expertise, we help clients formulate and implement their personal financial goals. Through our lifetime, we experience different stages of life - marriage, care of children's education, capital accumulation for retirement and long term wealth preservation for our carefree days.

We also offer specialised advice for varying needs of clients.

Sound financial planning allows you to engage your life on a positive step, making your life more enjoyable with your best interests at heart.

Retirement Planning

In the past, people rarely concerned with retirement planning.  Nowadays, with an increasing life expectancy, retirement can mean a miserable life if you do not have sufficient savings.  On the contrary, retirement could be the happiest times in life if you have achieved financial independence.

Education Planning

Nowadays, everyone keeps pace with the development of “knowledge-based economy”.  University degree becomes a minimum requirement for better career prospect and promotion opportunities.  Parents will not neglect the importance of education planning for their children.

Estate Planning

Estate planning no longer means just “making a will”.  A good estate plan provides a comprehensive analysis of the strategies which should be implemented to assist client to preserve their wealth and pass it to their beneficiaries in the most tax-efficiency way.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is one of the essential components of financial planning process.  The primary objective of tax planning is to minimize tax expense or defer tax payment legally.  While changes in tax law and regulations may erode an individual’s net income, our professionals will always provide comprehensive and cost-effective tax strategies for the benefits of our clients.  Our tax affiliate will assist clients on all tax issues.

Risk Management

One of the basic benefits for financial planning is to protect your family against financial distress.  To insure your valuable assets and the risk of death or disability is always complex but necessary.  Many people start thinking about insurance when they get married and have children.  But, even if you are not married, you may have some persons, such as parents or siblings, who depend on your financial support.  The longer your dependents need support from you, the more your need for insurance coverage.  While there are many choices of insurance products available in the market, the question is which kind of insurance products best suit your financial needs.

Being a member of the Professional Insurance Brokers Association, we will provide you with choices of insurance products from different service providers, and we will also customise insurance solutions for you which can maximise your protection at minimal cost.